Why to subscribe ??

                                                                                            SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME, CANCEL ANY TIME


        Everyone might have used a subscription at some point in their lives; from Newspaper, magazines software etc .There are so many reasons to choose a subscription, which usually benefits both parties “customer and seller”.

Customer benefits

   Subscriptions were started by the newspaper and magazine industry by offering weekly, monthly and yearly price  in exchange for their product. This allowed customers to pay a lower premium for the magazines and newspapers than if they had bought one copy. This idea has caught on and benefited both retailer and consumer alike.

1)    When you subscribe a product for automatic deliveries you will always get the lowest price offer.

2)    It’s convenient if you need to buy a product on a regular interval,

3)    Save money and save time.

4)    You can forget to re-order your supplements before running out.

5)    With a simple one-time set up using your credit or debit card or money wallet, you can forget about re ordering .

6)    Never miss out .


Sellers Benefits

   As a Seller, it may be in your best interest to offer a subscription based service as well as your single-product sales,

Increase in Profits: Subscriptions offer sellers guaranteed money. Seller no longer has to worry about making one-time sales; Subscription offering will generate larger profits by increasing a customer base. The reoccurring business model is designed to make the seller more money through subscriptions in the long run than one-time sales. With more options available to customers, they can choose the option that works well for them.

Increased Customer Base: Happy customers are more likely to leave great reviews and speak highly of your services which grow your business through word of mouth. Over time, your customer base will be much stronger than single product sales

     As you can see, there are many good reasons to offer subscription services. Building a profitable business through subscriptions can benefit sellers for years. People like to save the money and seller want to build a strong customer base. Happy customers will continue to use your services for years 

Therefor subscription offering is a win-win solution to all parties involved